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Through out his seven year career in Bollywood,Siddharth Roy Kapoor,CEO of Disney UTV Studios,has struggled with many conflicts.One constant irritant has been balancing the creative and commercial aspect of film making.Each exciting movie script is a new challenge and brings with it the inevitable -- a new clash with the CFO or the director.And its one area that continues to stump him.For Kapoor,its also one area that he feels he has learnt the most from his boss,Ronnie Screwvala.For the Disney head honcho,its all in a days work.I dont know how he comes up with such out of the box solutions whether it is commercial or creative.Its one thing I learn from him by osmosis, says Kapoor.As for Screwvala,managing director,The Walt Disney Co,everytime he leaves Kapoor with an answer,its not just another business decision taken but also a little sprinkling of his No Fixed Time Fixed Place Mentoring glitter.