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Mindtree to target Bluetooth low energy market with new IP suite

MindTree, a leading provider of Bluetooth Intellectual Property (IP) solutions, has announced the launch of BlueLitE, its single mode Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth 4.0) Intellectual Property suite. This IP offering complements MindTree’s Bluetooth (Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and 3.0) and Dual Mode Bluetooth low energy (4.0) suite of IPs.

Bluetooth low energy (4.0) is the latest specification from the Bluetooth SIG. Its features like ultra low power consumption, enhanced range, and ability to run for years on a coin cell battery enable power constrained devices like sensors to connect to other Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth low energy opens up opportunities in new markets such as health devices, sports and fitness equipments and watches while enabling new use cases in existing Bluetooth enabled products.

The BlueLitE IP suite consisting of Software IP – stack and profiles, and Silicon IP – baseband controller, digital Phy (Physical Layer) and RF, provides a complete single mode Bluetooth low energy solution. The pre-integrated solution IPs for complete transceiver and connectivity chip are part of the roadmap.

“MindTree has extensive experience in implementing Bluetooth connectivity in devices like headsets and optimised Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC). We have developed the IP taking into account the various nuances of resource constrained, sensor based devices - the primary targets for Bluetooth low energy” said Dr. Raghunath Govindachari, CTO of MindTree R&D Services. “Offering a low footprint and gate count, easy portability across multiple OS and platforms and extensive interoperability testing; BlueLitE offers straight-forward integration of low energy Bluetooth connectivity in any product line.”

MindTree has been an active Bluetooth SIG member since 2000, participating in the Bluetooth standardisation process and several working groups. Several of MindTree’s Bluetooth IPs have been qualified for 2.1+EDR specifications and have been proven in multiple products for interoperability and robustness by leading product companies. MindTree also offers product realisation services along with its IP to enable faster time to market for its customers.