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The tree after a storm

Vice-Chairman Subroto Bagchi, in an interview to Business Line, says the “turbulence” has receded, there are challenges ahead, and Team MindTree is geared to meet these in a spirit of “self-confidence” and humility.

Now we say we're in two businesses — IT services and product engineering; 60 per cent of our revenue comes from IT services and 40 per cent from product engineering services. In the IT services, we have deep sectoral focus — travel and transportation, banking and financial services, manufacturing, retail. Today, when we talk to a Procter and Gamble or Silicon Valley Bank they don't talk to us about the number of people but about co-creation, the next new area we could explore together, etc. So the quality of dialogue is changing. On the product engineering side, we are again sectorally focused and, going forward, we will build sharper focus.