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What Digitization Can Do To Enhance Your Data

In this special guest feature, Soumendra Mohanty of Mindtree reflects on the process of digitization that companies undergo to meet the needs of the digital consumer. Soumendra Mohanty is Vice President, Global Data and Analytics at Mindtree. Soumendra is a thought leader and an authority within the information management, business intelligence (BI), big data and analytics area having written several books and published articles in leading journals in the data and analytics space.

In the past, airlines served customers by simply getting them from gate to gate. Yet, today’s connected traveler expects a single, seamless experience that gets them from home to hotel and back. Meeting this expectation requires complex communication among numerous parties and systems from ground transportation to hotel services and that is just the start of the technical complexity companies must take on.

The connected world – customers, products, services and businesses, is constructed around the convergence of social, mobile, and web. In other words, digital transformation and organizations are considering building big changes around it. Some organizations may remain reticent to taking this step. Their established business practices serve them well and they have a strong market position with a suite of mature offerings. Why would they want to change that winning formula? Because it’s 2015. Digital transformation is about meeting the needs of the digital consumer.