Workplace Sustainability

We believe in the power of people. This belief is incorporated in meeting the strategic drivers that shape our people practices and processes. Mindtree’s values create a global foundation for context drivers such as engagement, learning and empowerment which are led by our people function throughout an employee’s lifecycle - from candidate selection to exit interview.

Mindtree’s practices create a culture of openness and fairness. Our practices in performance management, compensation models, diversity and inclusion, Learning and development and health and wellbeing embrace globally recognized standards and are prime in building a fair and free workplace.

Workplace sustainability

Diversity & Inclusion

Being a global organization on the cutting-edge of technology, talent and workforce diversity is integral for business success. As an equal opportunity employer, we work with a non-discriminatory practice that respects and values the workforce and with those we do business with. Embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce gives us an innovative, creative, competitive and more productive edge. Our focus on Diversity and Inclusion has gathered significant momentum in 2012-13, owing to the development of our charter. Mindtree’s diversity and inclusivity charter focuses on four pillars which we call “EDGES” – Ethnicity, Disability, GEnder and Sexual Orientation.

Diversity Inclusion

Our inclusion framework is driven by our reasonable accommodation policy. In addition to this, we support accessible infrastructure at all our facilities and provide accessible technology and information systems. We look to identify job roles suitable to persons with varied forms of disabilities to facilitate the individual’s career stability and growth. Our growth and expansion overseas provides us with a platform to generate local employment and capitalize on a talent pool of diverse nationals.

Work-life balance

Mindtree understands that work-life balance can be a challenge, specially for women. So they have the option to avail a special needs leave. There has been a move, over the past few years, to extend this benefit to everyone. This could encompass specific needs, such as a desire to study further, take time off for social work, family care, personal value addition through teaching assignments and so forth. This would provide them with the flexibility to attend to their personal needs and pursue a career at the same time. Mindtree plans to extend the special needs leave to all Mindtree Minds.

Baby’s Day Out

New mothers often face the difficult situation of leaving their newborns at home or in a crèche while they go to work. To help young mothers, Mindtree offers them an innovative facility called ‘Baby’s Day Out’. This is a special room that enables mothers to work even as they keep a watchful eye on their kids. New mothers can also avail the option of reduced work hours, half day / half work week.

Little Critters

Mindtree’s crèche, Little Critters, is a day care facility within the campus, run by a professional team and a caring staff. This helps employees with children to balance their responsibilities between work and dependent child / children.

Health & Wellbeing

At Mindtree, the health and wellbeing of our employees is of prime importance. Mindtree strives to achieve a positive balance in all aspects governing the life of an employee and promote an approach that encompasses physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The flagship corporate wellness program at Mindtree is Healthy Mind Healthy Body (HMHB). It focuses on offering education and opportunities to improve the physical and mental health of Mindtree Minds.

We also have B+ve, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), where Mindtree Minds have a platform to get neutral and objective professional assistance from qualified counselors, with complete anonymity and confidentiality. Additionally, we have a health portal, a one-stop shop for all health related queries, with a host of health related articles, online chat sessions with dieticians and exercise finders.

Our India locations are all OHSAS 18001:2007 certified. With this certification as our backbone, we drive a comprehensive health and safety policy that entails workplace hazard identification, risk assessment programs and security measures. Our practices promote safety, health, emergency response and overall wellness. They are frequently revised based on regulations, industry trends and employee feedback. HMHB is built on four pillars: Health benefits, physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing and education.

Health and Safety