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BPM in the Cloud

21 March, 2014 Friday 11:00 AM IST

Organizations have realized the values in formalizing the business process to reduce waste and improve efficiencies by adopting process methodology strategies like Six Sigma, Lean, KaiZen and Value Chain mapping. Business Process Management Suites established themselves as a primary platform for realizing the formalized process and for process innovations. While big time corporations can afford to invest significantly on BPM suites, the mid-sized and small time organizations are constrained by budgets to invest in a BPMS platform. It is an irony that a process efficiency methodology like BPM has a hard time in realizing its potential due to significant investment cost of BPM suites.

With the advent of Cloud Computing the entry barrier to BPM suites has greatly reduced. Without making upfront investments in BPM suites, organizations can try process innovations in Cloud for a subscription cost based on usage. This article focuses on a Cloud based BPM architecture and how it impacts the IT landscape of an organization.

Outsourcing has changed the way an organization achieves the business function. And with increasing SaaS providers, businesses have options to outsource their auxiliary functions quickly and easily than ever before. With ever increasing SaaS based integrations an IT shop constantly needs to connect and manage with different SaaS based applications. This puts a heavy burden on an IT infrastructure especially the integration and middleware platforms. This presentation will also focus on the impact on the IT infrastructure when an organization embraces a BPM solution in the cloud with ever increasing connectivity to SaaS providers.


Prasanna Selvaraj

Senior Consultant, Mindtree Ltd

Prasanna Selvaraj is a BPM SOA Architect in Mindtree. He has around 10 years of experience and has been instrumental in leading teams, to execute complex BPM and SOA implementations.

His experience encompasses application design and development, solution architecting and defining BPM and SOA roadmap.

Key Questions Answered

  • Why should an enterprise invest for a BPM solution in the Cloud?
  • How an enterprise existing IT assets will impact due to a BPM solution in the Cloud?
  • How Identity Management will be managed in a cloud based system?
  • How an enterprise will manage connectivity to Cloud based systems?
  • How secured is organizational data in Cloud and its benefits?