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Leveraging social analytics for insurance

05 September, 2013 Thursday

NG Insurance 2013 and Mindtree are partnering to bring this insightful webinar to you.

Social Analytics For Insurance

Most buyers today have access to a more trusted experiential source of information in the form of social networking sites where previous buyers provide their experience with a brand that is accessible to a large audience.

Social Analytics:

  • Allows organizations to attribute online conversations to specific parts of their business.
  • Integrates analyses & enables organizations to act on intelligence gathered from online conversations
  • Helps extract important insights, sentiments, hidden patterns, trends and unknown correlations from customer-centric conversations and
  • Provides a framework to proactively act upon them to drive business outcome.
Jayashree Iyangar

The webinar on this very pertinent topic will be led by Jayashree Iyangar who is a Principal with our Insurance Practice overseeing analytics solutions and delivery. Jayashree has significant experience in data analytics and business intelligence and specialized in customer, marketing, digital and distribution analytics.

Download the presentation used and view the recording of an insightful discussion on leveraging social analytics for insurance