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The partnership between Mindtree and Acquia has helped our customers deliver innovative digital experiences and real business impact. Mindtree has executed large Drupal web content management system implementation and multi-country rollouts for clients such as Akzo Nobel
Mindtree partners with Adobe as we share a common vision to help marketers deliver memorable customer experiences and drive growth. The partnership brings together Adobe’s integrated technology platform and Mindtree’s service offerings for clients to accelerate their customer experience transformation journey. Together, we help our clients drive growth by creating personalized interactions, running digital marketing efficiently and improving customer lifetime value.
Mindtree is an Advanced Consulting Partner (in Amazon Partner Network (APN)) for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the biggest cloud player, topping the cloud provider list since 2013. Together, we have led several enterprises down the success lane. This solid, stable and substantial partnership and 1500+ cloud experts within Mindtree help provide AWS' extended services to our customer base, effectively and efficiently.
Mindtree partners with Apigee to help connects some of the world’s largest home improvement retailers, business travel agencies, and insurance providers to their enterprise customers and agencies, accelerating our customers reach.
Today’s tech-savvy financial consumers expect a seamless, intuitive customer experience – anytime, anyplace.  To keep pace, financials need to transform their multiple siloed banking channels and legacy apps to deliver a superior experience across every customer touchpoint. Mindtree has partnered with Backbase to empower financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation and help them compete in our digital-first world.
As businesses in every industry embrace the cloud and managed services, the result is more complex IT environments. To stay competitive, they need to simplify management and governance of apps across multiple cloud infrastructures — without sacrificing control or visibility. Mindtree partners with CenturyLink to employ industry-leading cloud and managed hosting solutions that help drive efficiency and deliver the capabilities customers expect.
In today’s world of digital transformation, organizations have access to more data than ever and they are looking for new and innovative ways to take advantage of it. Many are turning to Apache Hadoop®, but struggle to find significant business value from this new. Mindtree has partnered with Cloudera to enable our customers to access the unlimited, untapped capabilities that reside within their data. Cloudera’s single, easy-to-use product supports a variety of use cases, from data science and engineering, to powering an operational database, to large-scale analytics.
Today’s digitally-empowered, geographically-distributed customers are radically connected, hyper-informed and always on. To succeed in this customer-centric, data-driven economy, businesses need to rethink their technology infrastructure by building and deploying mission critical cloud applications via a modern, distributed database platform. Mindtree partners with DataStax to help customers increase the speed and agility needed to build cloud applications to derive real-time value from their data.
The volume and complexity of regulatory changes is escalating, and organizations are under more pressure than ever to collect data to meet their reporting obligations. Mindtree has partnered with Denodo to leverage Denodo’s market-leading data virtualization solution to help enterprises better utilize their data. Together, we enable companies to build a smart, secure, scalable data governance architecture to meet their compliance needs.
Mindtree has been a valuable Duck Creek partner since 2003. Mindtree has one of the largest pools of industry-the partner of choice for global systems integrators and services firms.
In an increasingly connected digital economy, insurers are looking to the cloud to extend their business reach. They want to do more than sell directly to consumers. Instead, they’re seeking to embed insurance products and services into a range of consumer and business websites. But making all these connections isn’t easy, especially with inflexible legacy systems. Mindtree has partnered with eBaoTech to enable insurance to be connected and embedded into business and the daily lives of consumers.
New technology is creating more channels for content consumption – and many organizations are struggling to keep up with changing customer expectations. To make the most of the “micro moments” when decisions are made and preferences are shaped, companies must engage their audience with personalized, context-specific content. Mindtree partners with e-Spirit to help customers implement successful web strategies and enable the creation, management and publication of content via highly diverse channels.
Mindtree is a Premier Google Partner for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We are extremely agile and innovative, and offer relevant cloud offerings for our clients requesting a complete spectrum of cloud services. Mindtree is small enough to scale and big enough to care. Our specializations include Big Data, Analytics, Data Science AI /ML, DevOps, and Digital Services. As part of our global GCP practice, we have also assisted multiple clients with SAP on GCP.
Data is the currency of our digital world, and organizations are striving to explore better ways to leverage data to innovate and compete. But all too often, current approaches to big data architecture fail to deliver a consistent, trusted view of information across the enterprise. Mindtree has partnered with Hortonworks to help companies harness real-time insights from a multitude of big data types, sources and locations. Together, we are helping customers unlock the transformational value for their organizations across any line of business.
The customer experience is key in today’s fast-changing economy. To compete more effectively, companies need to get closer to customers and engage them at every touch point. Mindtree and hybris have partnered to deliver commerce solutions that give businesses a single view of customers, products and orders — and a single view of the business.
The cloud can be a growth engine for business, but companies need the right applications, tools and services to really take advantage of it. Mindtree has partnered with IBM®  to leverage its comprehensive set of leading cloud offerings to create compelling innovative business and commerce solutions. The partnership spans many areas of the IBM software group and covers a variety of the IBM WebSphere® family of products. Our award-winning solutions include a contract pricing framework (CPF) solution, distress stock controller and credit processing solutions (CPS).
To stay competitive in our increasingly mobile world, financial services firms need to engage every customer quickly and intuitively — on any device. Mindtree has partnered with i-exceed technology solutions to deliver mobility solutions for the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector. i-exceed collaborates with Mindtree in developing core banking offerings by employing the Appzillon™ platform to enable device-agnostic app building.
Businesses in every industry are looking to data to help them transform their operations and drive intelligent disruption. To do this, they need to connect all their systems in a collaborative way and transform and integrate data at any scale and speed. Mindtree has partnered with Informatica to leverage its data integration solutions to fuel advanced analytics and critical operations. Together, they enable companies to unleash the power of data to become more agile, realize new growth opportunities and invent new things that lead to intelligent market disruptions.
Data-driven companies are embracing open-sourced engines and tools like Apache Hadoop® and Apache Spark™ to support new big data applications. But to succeed, they need enterprise-grade security, reliability and robust performance. Mindtree and MapR have partnered to enable organizations to integrate open-source tools with real-time database capabilities, global event streaming and scalable enterprise storage to power a new generation of big data solutions.
Mindtree's investments in delivering best-of-class, Microsoft Azure-based solutions, combined with key wins involving workloads such as digital marketing on Azure, Azure IoT Suite, open source on Azure and analytics on Azure. Mindtree has more than 4,000 Microsoft experts, offering a vast knowledge base of and skills in Azure, Office 365, Xamarin, SharePoint®, Microsoft.NET platform, SQL Server®, BizTalk® and Windows Server®.
Enterprises today have access to more data than ever. The challenge is to connect and access it. Mindtree has partnered with Mulesoft to employ advanced APIs for unified, frictionless connectivity. Through this partnership, we provide our clients with API lifecycle management, business insights for agility and personalized, consistent customer experience.
Today’s financial services firms face new regulations and market behaviors. They’re under constant pressure to innovate and transform business processes faster than ever. Mindtree has over 100 Murex specialist who delivery consulting, migration, application development, maintenance, upgrades, data engineering and testing services around the Murex platform. Moreover, Mindtree offers product version upgrades, including Murex MX.3™ platform migration, implementation and testing.
Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are the latest evolution of the web, enabling more dynamic, interactive applications, better interfaces and real-time communication. But to deliver these advantages, they need to offer sufficient performance. Mindtree has partnered with Neotys to accelerate performance testing for these advanced apps. The NeoLoad load testing solution for RIAs offers best-in-class capabilities, flexibility and efficiency with infinite scalability from the cloud, while providing pertinent analyses and full support for all new technologies including HTML5, WebSocket, LCDS, and RTMP.
To seize new opportunities in our digital economy, organizations need to take advantage of connections between systems, people, places and things. They need a flexible technology platform that can leverage new and old information as opportunities arise and processes evolve. Mindtree has partnered with Oracle to create technology solutions that benefit from Oracle’s enablement, development, support, sales and marketing resources. Mindtree’s dedicated center of excellence (CoE) for Oracle Fusion Middleware products builds best-in class solutions for customers.
As businesses in every industry grow and embrace new technologies and applications, their infrastructures are becoming more complex and siloed. They need solutions that can help them integrate, automate and improve their complex front- and back-office business operations. Mindtree has partnered with Pegasystems Inc. to develop and optimize custom business process management (BPM) solutions, based on Pegasystems Build for Change® technology platform.
Cloud technology is a cost-effective way to boost agility and innovation, but it can also create new challenges for IT organizations. A managed cloud service can help organizations design, build and run their cloud workloads, while freeing IT resources from day-to-day maintenance tasks. Mindtree has partnered with Rackspace® to provide managed cloud capabilities for its customers. By employing the Rackspace hosting services, Mindtree can differentiate itself from competitors with hassle-free service.
At Magnet360, we live and breathe Salesforce. As a Platinum partner, we tap into the transformational potential of Salesforce to change the way you do business. Through Mindtree, we push the platform even further to get the most out of your investment. It's time to Amplify Your Salesforce Possibilities.
Mindtree and SAP have been strategic partners since 2008. Today the relationship is even stronger due to Mindtree’s 2015 acquisition of Bluefin Solutions, considered one of SAP’s go-to HANA innovation partners. Mindtree Bluefin deploys cutting-edge enterprise solutions around the world. We are currently the only integrated service provider in the world with expertise on the SAP HANA platform across all three major public cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Mindtree is also one of a handful of Lighthouse Partners, which lets us offer customers SAP’s re-imagined enterprise resource planning solution, SAP S/4HANA via the public cloud.
Is your enterprise moving at market speed? Is lack of process and legacy tools for customer requests, IT incidents, and HR cases seem unstructured, undocumented, unimproved for years. Mindtree partners with ServiceNow as a consulting and implementation partner to help our customers streamline their IT services management.
Mindtree’s approach, methodology, and deep experience in the digital space combine with Sitecore’s solution suite to accelerate client digital transformations. Our experience in web, mobile and social marketing leverages Sitecore’s strengths in web content management and customer engagement across all digital marketing channels. Mindtree manages production for all Sitecore web, mobile and social development engagements, including localization and maintenance across multiple channels for dozens of Sitecore customers.
When you need to mine for insights that drive business outcomes into your software, app, or website – choose the people and analytics software to work the way you think. Mindtree and Tableau software together help extend the value of your data across your organization.
Mindtree and PTC together provide comprehensive IoT services, spanning devices to cloud and analytics, and everything in between. With PTC’s products – Kepware, Thingworx, and Vuforia, we enable Connected Operations, Connected Products, and Connected Experiences for our customers.
Mindtree has a multifaceted relationship with TIBCO. As a system integrator, Mindtree designs, builds, and services TIBCO software solutions.  As a vendor, Mindtree also augments TIBCO Professional Services Group (PSG) with our experts.
Mindtree has partnered with Tookitaki to help businesses take smarter decisions. The partnership brings together Tookitaki’s Decision Support System (DSS) built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mindtree’s offerings in the Banking and Financial Services domain.

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