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Mindtree is an Advanced Consulting Partner (in Amazon Partner Network (APN)) for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the biggest cloud player, topping the cloud provider list since 2013.

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Mindtree is an Advanced Consulting Partner in the Amazon Partner Network (APN) for AWS. Together, we have helped several enterprises to successfully migrate to cloud.

This partnership and 1500+ cloud experts within Mindtree help provide AWS' extended services to our customer base, effectively and efficiently.

Mindtree offers a wide range of AWS-related services—from determiningTCO to planning IT budgets to determining migration plans. Our team of experts innovate to enhance productivity and improve business processes with minimal overheads, costs and manual efforts. From advisory to operations, we take a holistic approach to transform businesses.

Mindtree is a partner in:

  • AWS Channel Reseller Program
  • AWS Service Delivery Program
  • AWS Public Sector Partner Program
  • AWS Managed Service Program

Key AWS projects by Mindtree

  • Mindtree provided clear decision criteria to a leading international airline to help them choose between private and public cloud platform providers, and a cloud management platform to accelerate their 2020 digital vision.
  • Mindtree helped a top US-based business school in its application portfolio analysis to develop a migration plan, to move from a capex to opex model with 30% savings, thus creating a foundation for future application development.
  • An international academic publishing company chose Mindtree to build a unified data center on cloud for agility and scale by vacating its four physical data centers and migrating its 150 servers to AWS.
  • Mindtree proposed a cloud-native solution where a cloud-based DW solution was deployed and provided clickstream analytics to a large online grocery retailer which receives more than one million orders per month.
  • Mindtree helped a multinational food manufacturer unlock 30% capital through cloud transformation of digital marketing operations. This was done by migrating its data center from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services as a part of cloud migration factory.
  • A global auto manufacturer turned to Mindtree’s cloud governance services to reduce digital asset redundancy and improve search, approval and reporting, thereby ensuring 99.5% application availability and optimizing cost by 50%.
  • With its experience in managed cloud services, Mindtree built an automated tool to monitor 800 transient EMR clusters using a spot pricing model for on time availability of data to CXOs for a global mass media corporation.

About the Partner

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global cloud-based products including compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications. These services help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale. AWS is trusted by the largest enterprises and the hottest start-ups to power a wide variety of workloads including: web and mobile applications, game development, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive, and many others.

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