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Mindtree is a Premier Google Partner for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We are extremely agile and innovative, and offer relevant cloud offerings for our clients who are requesting a complete spectrum of cloud services. Mindtree is small enough to scale and big enough to care. Our specializations that complement our GCP offerings include Big Data, Analytics, Data Science AI /ML, DevOps, and Digital Services. As part of our global GCP practice, we have also assisted multiple clients and technology organizations with SAP on GCP.

Our offerings:

  • Big Data services / Big Query
  • GCP migration and transformation
  • SAP on GCP
  • Data Science - AI/ML

Mindtree has been named as one of the top 3 service and integration partners by Google Cloud in Germany and European Region

Key GCP Projects by Mindtree

  • Mindtree assisted a European CPG company to host Big Data suite on GCP in a cost-optimized manner and a comparative study with other CSPs. GCP provided managed PaaS services to host Big Data workloads of any size for the client. All the components of the existing workload were broken down into pieces and mapped to its corresponding PaaS offerings. Mindtree also optimized the sizing and usage of the architecture by using transient Hadoop/Spark clusters on Dataproc, managed distributed storage using GCS, managed database using Cloud SQL while keeping the performance intact. The result provided their management team with a cloud comparative cost analysis and a reduction in cost without affecting performance.

  • Mindtree moved SAP workloads to GCP for a European Retail Company. Mindtree's GCP Practice migrated SAP workloads from on-premise to Google Cloud to leverage the advantages of cost and agility, and automate the provisioning of infrastructure on GCP, as well as set up the monitoring of the cloud environment. Additionally, Mindtee setup automation to provision for active-passive DR capabilities and billing management using BigQuery.

  • Mindtree helped a global credit rating company move legacy applications to next-gen data fabric architecture on GCP. Mindtree supplied a qualitative assessment framework supplemented by SME interviews, identified gaps, assessed business criticality of the applications to be migrated to GCP. Additionally, we developed with the client KPIs to assess the quality of migrations, with special considerations on data security in line with their GDPR needs. The assessment provided a renewed emphasis on security, data modeling, data provenance, data lineage, and auditing as well as advanced control mechanisms for operations monitoring.

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