Mindtree has partnered with Tookitaki to help businesses take smarter decisions. The partnership brings together Tookitaki’s Decision Support System (DSS) built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mindtree’s offerings in the banking and financial services domain

Value of the Partnership

Mindtree’s domain expertise, together with Tookitaki’s Decision Support System (DSS) empowers businesses to go beyond the barriers of existing statistical packages. Tookitaki creates customized solutions using production-ready, automated predictive modeling that helps you take the right decisions, anytime and anywhere.

Value Proposition

  • Improves process efficiency by 35% – 40% over previous baseline
  • Built-in self-learning capabilities provide automated data revisions resulting in updated information at all times
  • User friendly and easy to integrate with legacy and new systems
  • Automation significantly reduces people dependency, churn costs and training costs
  • End-to-end workflow to provide Alert Management solution
  • Systematic management of alert backlogs

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