ISG Recognizes Mindtree as Leader in Next-Gen Application Development and Maintenance Services

As digital becomes the cornerstone of user experience, organizations are increasingly adopting and integrating Next-Gen Application Development Maintenance technologies to achieve agility, eliminate silos, update applications based on user feedback, and bridge efficiency across business processes.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Next-Gen Application Development & Maintenance Services Quadrant Report explores enterprise client objectives and assesses service provider capabilities to deliver on Next-Gen ADM contracts by leveraging emerging technologies and methodologies such as Agile and DevOps. It evaluated 29 service providers across global markets against critical business dimensions, including scope and quality of their services portfolio, strategic vision and customer satisfaction.

In this study, Mindtree emerged as a Leader in Next-gen ADM Services, Agile Development and Continuous Testing. The study highlights Mindtree’s strategic focus on rapid automation, agile experience, and ability to leverage cross trained resources for continuous testing.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Report

Next-Gen Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Services

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Next-Gen ADM Services: Leader - Global

ISG-ADM-Quadrant report-Leader-Global

Next-Gen ADM Services: Leader- USA

ISG-ADM-Quadrant report-Leader-USA
Next-Gen ADM Services for Manufacturing Industry: Rising Star - USA

ISG-ADM-Manufactuing-Rising Star-USA

Next-Gen ADM Services for BFSI: Rising Star - Australia
ISG Next-Gen ADM - BFSI Industry
Next-Gen ADM Services: Rising Star - Australia

ISG Next-gen ADM-RS - Australia

Next-Gen ADM Services - Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing Services: Leader - Global

ISG-ADM-Continuous Testing-Leader-Global
Continuous Testing Services: Leader - USA

ISG-ADM-Continuous Testing-Leader-USA
Continuous Testing Services: Leader - Europe

ISG-ADM-Mindtree is Continuous Testing Leader- Europe
Continuous Testing Services: Leader - UK

ISG-ADM-Mindtree is Continuous Testing Leader- UK

Next-Gen ADM Services - Agile Development

Agile Development Services: Leader - Global

Agile Development Services: leader Australia

Agile Development - AUS
Agile Development Services: Leader - USA

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