Mindtree named Leader for Legacy Transformation and Cloud-first Transformation in the ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Business Transformation Archetype Report

Digital transformation is a top priority on corporate agendas. The focus is on enabling businesses to efficiently address individual customer expectations and requirements, rapidly, with minimal un­planned cost, effort or disruption for the enterprise, thus increasing the corporation’s competitiveness. This requires companies to move to a digital transformational technology and process level as soon as possible and then strive for continuous change – both internally and externally.

This ISG Provider Lens™ Archetype Report on Digital Business Transformation identifies and examines key changes in, approaches for, and buyers of digital transformational services, and then maps the user-side requirements to provider-side offerings and capabilities.

The report summarizes the relative capabilities of 43 digital business transformation service providers and their abilities to address the requirements of five typical, frequently encountered categories of enterprise buyers (archetypes). Each archetype represents a unique set of business and technological needs and challenges.

  1. Ad-hoc (Legacy) Transformation
  2. Transformational by Strategy
  3. Cloud-first Transformational
  4. Digital Enterprise Natives
  5. Disruption Embracers – Explorers

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ISG Digital Transformation Archetype report

Mindtree has been named a Leader for Ad-hoc (Legacy) Transformation and Cloud-first Transformational archetypes. We also have been recognized as a 'Noteworthy' service provider for Transformational by Strategy and Digital Enterprise Natives archetypes.

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