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We’ll take a look at some of the challenges faced by students and staff at higher education institutions - issues like demand for new online teaching methods, funding for faculty and administrators and limited financial resources to implement new safety features. Our expert panel will provide their thoughts, experiences, and insights to transform learning engagements during COVID-19 and drive institutional success. We look forward to a thought-provoking discussion, please come with questions.
Join us for this fireside chat between ISG and Mindtree, where we dissect "customer-led IT transformation" for airlines. This chat will cover redefining Digital/AI customer experience strategy and moving to Product IT models based on business priorities across power of AI/ML to predict demand, surveillance to run a safe airline and contact tracing and contact less travel.
For our third event in the Cloud Assessment & Migration Thought Leadership Series, we bring the essential element which talks about "Cloud Governance and Operations". Mindtree has a unique approach to deliver cloud governance through its proven platform, along with policies based on best practices. Join us to learn more.
Bluetooth SIG and Mindtree invite you for an exclusive virtual tech talk on “Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio Vs Bluetooth Classic – A Comparison”. We will discuss its impact on True Wireless. In this Tech Talk co-hosted by Bluetooth SIG and Mindtree, our speakers look forward to a thought-provoking discussion around Bluetooth technology and the True Wireless implementations.

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