I Got Garbage


Mindtree built a technology platform ‘I Got Garbage’ to bring together businesses, government organizations and social entrepreneurs to transform the loosely organized Indian rag picking community into organized waste management service providers. Today, 21 NGOs work with 7,000 waste collectors to provide a more efficient and structured waste management system.

This unique, innovative waste management supply chain improves the working conditions of rag pickers, protecting them from exposure to hazardous chemicals and infectious diseases. Now, instead of scavenging for recyclables on garbage heaps, people can collect waste directly from residential and business sources. The approach increases the overall efficiency of recyclable recovery, creates a more stable, safer work environment for thousands of people and helps cities manage waste better.

‘I Got Garbage’ is a cloud based technology platform to disseminate information on waste segregation, offer assistance in system training, on-boarding and technical support and engage all stakeholders in upcoming programs.

i got garbage

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