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Annual Report 2014-15 (PDF)

Full Annual Report Download (PDF - 4,478.41KB)

Section Wise Download 2014-15 (PDF)

Make Digital Real (PDF - 897.10KB) Download

Executive Messages (PDF - 113.63KB) Download

Highlights 2014 -15 (PDF - 160.34KB) Download

Boards and Committees (PDF - 294.28KB) Download

Business responsibility report (PDF - 192.77KB) Download

Directors' report (PDF - 799.05KB) Download

Corporate governance report (PDF - 489.73KB) Download

Management discussion and analysis (PDF - 260.05KB) Download

Enterprise risk management report (PDF - 117.46KB) Download

Standalone financial statements (PDF - 651.59KB) Download

Consolidated financial statements (PDF - 581.10KB) Download

IFRS financial statements (PDF - 770.90KB) Download

Global presence (PDF - 650.04KB) Download

Notice of the 16th Annual General Meeting (PDF - 260.73KB) Download

Financial statements (Excel)

Standalone financial statements 2014-15 Download 84.90KB

Consolidated financial statements 2014-15 Download 50.80KB

IFRS financial statements 2014-15 Download 58.60KB

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