Building the Minds of the Future


In the near future, Mindtree will need leaders who are experts in multiple disciplines, bring exceptional creativity to their work and realize their responsibility towards sustainability of our planet. They will no longer be identified solely as Indian or American or Norwegian. Instead they will see themselves as global citizens of our hyperconnected digital world, and that shift will lead to a conscious change in how all of us at Mindtree think about ourselves, our work and our clients.

That transformation has already begun.

Starting in 2015, the talented young people we hire every year will complete a special 90-day training program at the Global Learning & Development Center at Mindtree Kalinga, which is located on the east coast of India. A team of our best and brightest has spent two years imagining and designing this training platform to nurture the minds of the future.

The education our newest employees will experience at Mindtree Kalinga stands out in several important ways:

Mindset — Today, we use an engineering mindset to solve most problems. Tomorrow, we will need to combine our engineering, business and social mindsets to meet new challenges: a business mindset to understand our clients' needs, an engineering mindset to use the latest technologies to deliver scalable solutions, and a social mindset to make our work sustainable and ensure it has a positive social impact.

Multiple intelligence learning — True learning requires us to absorb and employ knowledge from many different disciplines in different ways. Yet many of our current training and education programs focus on a single dimension based in logic and mathematics. Imagine what could happen if we empowered people to learn through multiple forms of intelligence, from visual and spatial to musical and harmonic.

Meaningful application of technology — Mindtree Minds who join this program will spend 90 days learning the digital technologies of the future and how they can be applied to produce meaningful results.

Training structure — Mindtree of yesterday, today and tomorrow is based on four key pillars: physical, digital, intellectual and emotional. The Mindtree Global Learning & Development Center combines all four pillars to form a powerful new approach for learning and working.

At Mindtree, we understand that our clients will face many challenges in the coming years, challenges that cannot be overcome by traditional thinking. That's why we're building the minds of the future starting right now.

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