Making the Right Cloud Choice the First Time


Cloud computing is quickly becoming an industry standard. Industry analyst firm IDC says that “the cloud has changed the fundamental nature of computing and how business gets done, and it will continue to do so through 2020.”*

Mindtree is at the forefront of that global trend. For more than seven years, in over 100 separate engagements, we have been providing our clients with cloud-based solutions tailored to address their business needs successfully.

Transition to a cloud-based world

Cloud computing offers the speed, agility and scalability that organizations need to drive innovation and lower costs, but choosing the right cloud solutions can be tricky. As an experienced cloud consulting partner, Mindtree ensures that each of our clients select cloud solutions that reflect the needs of their businesses. We help them make the right cloud choice the first time—every time.

Forecast: partly cloudy

The key to a successful cloud strategy is to define the challenges an organization is trying to address, then develop a solid plan to accomplish those goals.

At Mindtree, we understand that not everything is destined for the cloud. A hybrid approach is often the best solution. We delve into a client's business operations to identify applications that are good candidates for cloud migration, those that require significant investment to develop and maintain in-house, and areas where the cloud offers easier management and lower costs. Once the plan is set, we guide our clients step by step from migration and deployment to security, testing and monitoring.

* IDC Cloud Research, 2015