The Value of Agile Software Development


At Mindtree, we are specialists in Agile software development: a methodology marked by continuous change; cross-functional communication, coordination and collaboration; and the ability to deliver projects on time and on budget, with exceptional quality.

Agile software development has quickly proven its value in delivering high-quality applications that meet customer needs. Mindtree Agile developers produce superior code that is easier to maintain, adapt and extend. Our Agile development practices-such as frequent deliveries and ongoing integration, as well as build, deployment and test automation, reduce risk and the need to rework projects.

An Agile showcase

Mindtree's onshore Agile Center of excellence in gainesville, florida, is an exceptional blend of people, deep domain expertise and technology capabilities, all housed in a state-of-the-art facility designed for Agile development.

In Gainesville, we focus on shorter delivery cycles to mitigate risks and on early corrective actions to meet release timelines. Our innovative product development and insightful technology advances help our clients achieve faster time to market, increase their return on investment and lower their risks.

Becoming Agile

While the benefits of Agile development are easy to see, it can be difficult for many organizations to make the transition to becoming Agile.

Successful Agile adoption means changing established cultural patterns and processes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We guide our clients through this transformation, providing all the necessary expertise, sharing best practices and tailoring processes to ensure that their companies will actually be Agile-not just do Agile.