Cultivating the Future

Developing Talent for Today and Tomorrow

To stay ready for new growth and challenges, a global company needs to attract, develop and inspire the highest caliber people. At Mindtree, we believe that organizational culture and values are just as important for success as technical skills are, which is why we call our talent development program “C2” (Culture and Competence).

Since the company’s founding in 1999, we have recognized our people as our greatest asset by referring to them as Mindtree Minds. We’ve invested in their future with our new state-of-theart global learning center, Mindtree Kalinga. This facility introduces new hires to our corporate culture and values with the aim of nurturing the engineers of tomorrow.

The three elements of success

When we designed Kalinga, we asked ourselves what kind of mindset would lead to success. As a result of this selfreflection, we saw that it’s not enough to nurture engineering skills. Mindtree Minds must also remember that we are running a business, with the additional goal of helping communities flourish as a result of our actions. We help our talent develop the right mindset by focusing on the engineering, business and social aspects of thinking. We want to help Mindtree Minds become the best at what they do—and make it easy for them to keep learning throughout their careers, so they are always ready for whatever comes next.

Our culture and values for building the future

The Mindtree values of collaborative spirit, unrelenting dedication and expert thinking reflect how we approach the world.

Working with others will become even more important going forward, because a complex digital landscape presents challenges that no individual can address alone. Embracing diversity plays a large part in collaboration, as people of different capabilities and backgrounds must work together toward comprehensive solutions. We must persevere to solve problems for our clients, which means bringing our expert thinking to the forefront.

Growing and perpetuating our vision and values requires a robust culture. Our culture also makes us distinct and helps us attract, retain and cultivate the best people. We strive to give Mindtree Minds the opportunity to grow, develop and give back—to clients, coworkers, partners and the communities we work in. Knowledge is a living resource at Mindtree. Whether they’re new or senior, Mindtree Minds are always learning from each other, our partners and other industries.

Developing Talent for Today and Tomorrow

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