A Blueprint for Talent and Leadership Development


Our culture is bolstered by leadership and learning programs, feedback, and recognition opportunities. Mindtree takes a bottom-up approach to development, so the leadership and learning journey starts during onboarding and progresses through every career stage.

New Mindtree Minds recruited straight from university go to our Kalinga campus in Bhubaneswar, India. At this stage, they focus on nurturing curiosity, igniting courage and fostering responsibility so they can become domain experts and good global citizens. The program at Kalinga combines real-world experience building apps with immersive learning to help develop the engineering, business and social aspects of thinking.

Midcareer and senior Mindtree Minds can give back by sharing their knowledge and time through teaching at Kalinga. The center has no permanent faculty; experienced Mindtree Minds take sabbaticals to lead and learn from new Mindtree Minds while improving their own skills.

Throughout their careers, our people have access to holistic learning to improve their technology, domain, behavioral and managerial skills as needed. We nurture Mindtree Minds with access to leadership learning through a cultural immersion program called leadership homing. They also get guidance via individual assessments. In addition, everyone at the company is eligible to apply for recognition and reward opportunities, such as the Chairman’s Awards and the Pillars program.

But leadership and learning programs are not enough on their own. Plans and dreams are only as good as their execution. Our progress is powered by Mindtree Minds, who demonstrate our ideals every day at work.

A blueprint for talent and leadership development

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