Chairman's Award Winners


Mindtree cofounder and outgoing Executive Chairman Subroto Bagchi is heavily involved with this award program, which represents the highest recognition of excellence at the company. Any Mindtree Mind is eligible to apply or be nominated. The 2015 Chairman’s Award winners were: Jimcy George - Inspiring Manager of the Year Award – Expert Choice; Karthikeyan Dhayalamani - Risen Above the Tide Award; Muthumeena Elango – Individual Contributor of the Year; Pramod M A - Subject Matter Expert of the Year Award; Sangeetha G - Enabler of the Year Award; Sriram Krishnasaamy - Team Lead of the Year Award – Expert Choice; Sudhansu Shadagi - Social Impact Award – People Choice; Suresh H P - Inspiring Manager of the Year Award – People Choice; and Venkat Nandikolla - Rainmaker of the Year Award. Meet two of the winners:

Muthumeena Elango

Individual Contributor of the Year

Muthumeena joined Mindtree in 2011 in a technical leadership role on the Insurance Data Warehouse team. Mindtree introduced a new process called anchor modeling, and Muthumeena used it to draw comparisons against a client’s data models. Using this technique, she found and fixed more than 40 data glitches, resulting in increased efficiency for the client.

Muthumeena is one of the youngest Chairman’s Award winners at the company. She credits her impressive achievements with trying to achieve perfection in every task she is assigned. Her advice to her peers is to ensure that you are extremely pleased with your work before presenting it to the client, and to remember that every day is full of opportunities to explore.

Muthumeena Elango

Venkat Nandikolla

Rainmaker of the Year

Over the past three years, Venkat has brought in nine accounts with a total expected business volume of USD 33 million annually. He finds the Rainmaker title very satisfying, as he has long aspired to this managerial persona. After receiving the award, he moved into a leadership role and began mentoring team members with an eye toward helping his reports close deals and develop their individual talents. His goal is to see his new team outperform him. Venkat believes that great salespeople:

  • Pursue deals that highlight a direct Mindtree strength.
  • Have a natural ability to empathize with customers and use their language.
  • Take a consultative approach, focusing on outcomes over adhering to specific tactics.
  • Make sure to get complete information by approaching multiple client stakeholders to cross-verify information.
  • Are not dismayed when a client says no—instead, they look for a way to be better messengers for Mindtree and its services while focusing on finding the right solution for the client.
Venkat Nandikolla

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