Leadership Talent Review


Leadership talent review and succession planning

The talent review process assesses the role, scope and plans of leaders at the vertical-industry, service-line and CxO levels. A panel of executive leadership team members then considers the candidates identified as having high potential to help them chart their careers and plan for future transitions.

The future of leadership

We recognize that the leadership journey never really ends—it’s a commitment to keep learning and improving. Just as the future will always be there, we will always keep trying to improve our process of supporting the Mindtree Minds of tomorrow.

Leadership development, recognition and engagement

Mindtree’s strong recognition culture offers opportunities through the Chairman’s Awards, Spot-on Honor Badges and Pillars program (a highachiever’s club). Chairman’s Award winners have the chance to shadow executives, receive mentoring from the leadership team, and get sponsored for internal initiatives and onsite opportunities with clients.

Mindtree’s leadership development road map

We identify and nurture top talent with programs that cover all stages of leadership, as shown in the following illustration of the Mindtree leadership development road map. This road map was designed to support Mindtree values and culture through programs for young, emerging, women, enterprise and top leaders.

Leadership development programs

Leadership Development Programs 2

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