Learning Programs: Communication, Culture and Development


Mindtree seeks to nurture the best technologists and consultants in the industry—our success depends on these highly skilled people. That’s why learning is a vital part of our company. Individual development fuels much of our organizational growth and keeps Mindtree Minds’ skills current in a changing technology landscape. The need for learning never ends, so we make opportunities available to our people at every level of the company.

Communication: A business basic

Effective communication is a key leadership competency. Mindtree offers programs that range from honing English language skills to using communication to influence, inspire, and engage clients, peers, and team members.

During their first six years with the company, Mindtree Minds work on learning effective ways to interface with clients, work in a global environment, and improve their English language skills if necessary. Leads, managers, and senior leaders also learn to present their ideas to clients and teams; give feedback to team members; work effectively in multicultural environments; and inspire, influence and engage others.

Learning Programs

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