Our Leadership Journey


Mindtree is fueling growth and preparing for the future by providing a transformational development path for our leaders. We started this journey by asking how we could best get ready for change while honoring our deep belief that leadership is critical to both the direction of our company and how we serve our clients, our Mindtree Minds and society at large.

We developed our leadership model in partnership with Korn Ferry International, a global talent management firm with experience in many industries. In addition to asking more than 100 of our leaders to provide feedback, we looked at:

  • What we expect from our leaders
  • How we should benchmark and evaluate performance
  • How to ensure that Mindtree Minds have access to learning and leadership opportunities at each stage of their careers

The leadership model in action

Our leadership model helps us identify and nurture the kind of talent we need at all levels across the organization. Mindtree Minds are measured for development and engagement using several factors:

  • Aspirations
  • Performance as value champions
  • Attributes that support the Mindtree leadership model

The leadership model has three dimensions:

  1. Learning agility, which is a measure of adaptability.
  2. Leadership role competence, which concerns four leadership roles:
    • Ninjas, who build scale, drive operational excellence and provide great value to clients
    • Coaches, who develop a shared vision and high-performing teams
    • Thought leaders, who are experts in Mindtree’s technology and business domains
  3. Rainmakers, who spot opportunities to bring in business
  4. Self-awareness, which is the hallmark of a flexible and successful leader and boosts results for the preceding two dimensions.

Self awareness

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