AI Artificial Intelligence
APAC Asia Pacific
APD Association of People with Disability
Arboretum On-boarding program for new Mindtree Minds
ATLAS Managed Services Framework
BFSI Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
Bluefin Bluefin Solutions Ltd.
Bot Software that acts autonomously to perform tasks which will be otherwise performed by a human
BPM Business Process Management
BRDO BEEM Rural Development Organization
BRR Business Responsibility Report
CAPE Composable Automated Platform for Enterprises
CDP Carbon Disclosure Project
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CES Customer Experience Survey
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CHRO Chief Human Resources Officer
CII Confederation of Indian Industry
CIO Chief Information Office
CMMI Capability Maturity Model Integration
CODM Chief Operating Decision Maker
COE Centre of Excellence
COTS Commercial-off-the-shelf
CPG Consumer Packaged Goods
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
CVD Cognitive Visual Dysfunction
CXO Person(s) belonging to the C-Suite (Chairman, CEO, MD, COO and the like)
Digital Pumpkin Mindtree’s unique Digital Innovation hub
DIGNIΦ Digital Nethra for Eye
Discoverture Discoverture Solutions LLC
EBITDA Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization
ECC 6.0 ERP Central Component 6.0
EES Economic, Environmental and Social
EPS Earnings per Share
ERP Enterprise Resource Package
ESPS Employee Stock Purchase Scheme
EU European Union
FTE Full-time Employees
FY Financial Year
GBP Great Britain Pound
GD Global Delivery
GDPR Global Data Protection Regulations
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GLC Global Learning Center
GOI Government of India
GRI Global Reporting Initiative
ICAI The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICSI The Institute of Company Secretaries of India
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IG Industry Group
IG(X) I Got X Initiatives (I Got Garbage, I Got Crops, I Got Knowledge, I Got Skills, University of Commons)
IGG I Got Garbage
IIM Indian Institute of Management
IIRC International Integrated Reporting Council
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMS Information Management System
IND AA India Ratings and Research Private Limited
INR Indian Rupees
IoT Internet of Things
IPO Initial Public Offer
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
ISG Information Services Group
IT Information Technology
KMP Key Managerial Personnel
KSCCW Karnataka State Council For Child Welfare
LEAD Leadership Program
LEAN & DRIVE Operational Excellence initiatives
LLC Limited Liability Company
MAC Media Access Control
MACI Mindtree Automated Customer Interface
Mindtree Minds The Talent pool of Mindtree
ML Machine Learning
NASSCOM National Association of Software and Services Companies
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NJ New Jersey
NRC Nomination and Remuneration Committee
NVG RBSEE National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PAT Profit after Tax
PICM Project Issue and Change Management
PWD People Who are Differently-abled
PY Previous Year
R&D Research & Development
RCM Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods and Manufacturing
ROI Return on Investment
RPA Robotic Process Automation
RSI Relational Solutions Inc.
RSU Restricted Stock Units
SaaS Software as a Service
SAFA South Asian Federation of Accountants
SI System Integration
SPASTN Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu
TCWG Those Charged With Governance
TH Travel and Hospitality
TMS Technology, Media and Services
TSA Technologists for Social Action
UK United Kingdom
UMBC Urban Micro Business Centre
UNGC United Nations Global Compact
US United States
USD United States Dollar
UX User Experience
VIKAS Visual Intervention Kit with Analytics for Special Children
Yorbit Mindtree’s Internal Skilling Platform

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