Our board sets the direction for sustainability. The Executive Vice Chairman & COO is the leader incharge of sustainability, including sustainability reporting. Our Board reflects a wide range of expertise and excellence across diverse domains, including business responsibility aspects, with members involved in social causes and contributions. Economic, Environmental and Social (EES) aspects, at present, form a natural part of selection, leadership development and evaluation of performance of board members. A few of our top leaders carry EES goals as a natural part of their roles. Mindtree endorses the following frameworks and adherences in sustainability:

Towards achieving the highest order of Governance and Advocacy in pursuing sustainability, we have implemented the following policies viz. Integrity policy, Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption policy, Whistle-blower policy, Prevention of sexual harassment policy, Code of conduct for our people, Code of conduct for suppliers, Non-discrimination policy, Equal remuneration policy, Open door policy for communication, Environmental health and safety policy, CSR Policy, Maternity policy and Reasonable accommodation policy.

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