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Mindtree works in an inherently competitive market that is evolving at an unprecedented rate due to advances in technology and customer demands. To meet this rising demand trend, global companies need to innovate and invest in disruptive technologies to better compete with others in the market. The technology ecosystem banks heavily on integrative solutions, which is why it is important for technology service providers and innovators to collaborate to create sustainable solutions. At Mindtree, our idea of collaboration and partnership is to deliver appropriate technology solutions to new and existing clients that result in better business outputs and outcomes for them. When our clients achieve what they envisaged by deploying our partner enabled technology solutions it ensures their trust in us, which is our key priority when it comes to our customer engagement strategy. The growing complexities and dynamics of market demands and regulatory norms of evolving organizations drive our constant efforts to innovate and our partners help us deliver better every time. We have a two-pronged approach to partnerships:

  1. Present-forward approach: Mindtree seeks technology innovators whose goal is long-term sustainable solutions to clients. These are partners whose vision goes beyond the stated requirement of the client to what will they need to be future ready.
  2. Future-backward approach: Looking at the future needs of the market, customer trends and where the industry is moving towards, we set our strategy a few years into the future to be able to stay relevant and leaders in the market. We thus look for partners whose vision aligns with this aspect of our strategy.

Partnerships make us stronger

We are able to leverage our partnerships that bring valuable resources such as people, ideas and innovative technology, which differentiates us in the market place. Our partners also help us reach diverse markets and potential clients through their spread and network. We constantly engage with our partners as learning hubs rather than view them as mere contractors or vendors. Our endeavour is to grow together through constant cross learning and integration of solutions. A successful partner ecosystem has a multiplier effect on projects and customer value – being able to produce much more than the sum of the parts. Since 1999, our partnerships have been foundational, mutually beneficial and helped improve efficiencies enabling us to expand our reach and exceed expectations on challenging projects. With the right partners, we have tried out new ideas and expanded our footprint in the marketplace.

E.g. - One such partner is Conversable, which provides Chabot technology connecting consumers and brands through conversation using artificial intelligence with messaging and voice. This provides more personalized customer care, while reducing cost through automation.

Partner Ecosystem

Our strategic partner ecosystem includes global technology leaders such as Microsoft, SAP, Adobe and Salesforce and smaller, innovative start-ups like DataStax, ThingWorx and Conversable that develop the specialty breakthrough technologies of tomorrow. We have been able to create a partnership network that is constantly learning, adapting and enriching itself to meet the challenges of the market and future demands.

Partnering for Today and Tomorrow


Value of the Partnership: Mindtree’s alliance with Microsoft began in 1999 and has continued to grow and strengthen over the last 19 years. Mindtree was one of the early partners to work with Microsoft Azure in 2008. Through Microsoft’s partner-led sales model, Mindtree delivers value to its clients through our digital, testing, information management system (IMS) and other horizontal practices and industry verticals. In recognition of Mindtree’s investments in delivering best-of-class Azure-based solutions that drove key client wins, Microsoft named Mindtree as Top Emerging Global Azure Partner for 2015. As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, Mindtree is one of just 25 partners who have access to all Microsoft resources to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers.

Mindtree’s investments in delivering best of class, Microsoft Azure-based solutions, lead to key wins involving workloads such as digital marketing on Azure, Azure IoT Suite and open source on Azure and analytics on Azure. Mindtree has more than 4,000 Microsoft experts, offering a vast knowledge base and skills in Azure, Office 365, Xamarin, SharePoint®, and Microsoft.NET platform, SQL Server®, BizTalk® and Windows Server®.

Value created for customers/client:

We leverage our partnership to deliver digital transformation services that our clients need to succeed in a cloud-first world:

  • Azure: Design, build, migrate and run enterprise-grade on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions
  • Customer Experience Transformation and Digital Marketing including Adobe and Sitecore on Azure
  • Insight-as-a-Service: 20 industry-specific algorithms, 35 pre-built solutions
  • L1-L4 Azure and Azure Stack support
  • Specific services include Azure cloud platform and application migration services for SAP®, SAP HANA®, SiteCore™, Duck Creek™ and Open Source.
  • Our Office 365 services encompass Skype®, Yammer®, Exchange®, OneDrive®, Power BI™, Cortana® Analytics and SharePoint.

Our Microsoft Centre of Excellence (COE) continues to deepen and widen our partnership with the Microsoft team, developing our own unique Azure product offerings:

For clients looking to drive effective marketing with big and fast data, Mindtree’s Decision Moments platform accelerates data to insights to business action, providing market mix analysis and omnichannel customer personalization.


Value of the Partnership: Mindtree and SAP have been strategic partners since 2008. Today the relationship is even stronger due to Mindtree’s 2015 acquisition of Bluefin Solutions Limited, considered one of SAP’s go-to HANA innovation partners, which deploys cutting-edge enterprise solutions around the world. We are currently the only integrated service provider in the world with expertise on the SAP HANA platform across all three major public cloud platforms:

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Mindtree is also one of a handful of Lighthouse Partners, which lets us offer customers SAP’s reimagined enterprise resource planning solution, SAP S/4HANA via the public cloud.

SAP has taken a “cloud-first” focus and Bluefin Solutions Limited is uniquely positioned to advance its strategic vision. Beginning in 2025, SAP will no longer support ECC 6.0, its previous ERP solution. Enterprises must consider migrating to S/4HANA in the next few years. Bluefin’s depth of understanding in this area, along with our unrivalled ability to deploy the software suite on-premises, or on a private, managed, public or hybrid cloud, will provide enormous value and flexibility to those ECC 6.0 customers when they embark on their SAP platform modernization journey.

Value created for customers/client

Our strong relationship with SAP, enriched by four SAP mentors, gives us competitive advantages. We not only consult and implement SAP but also have our own product offerings built on SAP technology:

  • mInspect integrates with SAP’s commercial project management (CPM) application and leverages the key functionalities of its PICM add-on.
  • mPromo integrates with SAP trade promotion management (TPM), empowering the field to plan, execute and track trade promotion events effectively with real- time insights into promotion performance.
  • mWorkspace acts as a multi-project dashboard, displaying general project health indicators so managers can take corrective actions where necessary.

Our SAP Centers of Excellence (CoE) cover seven areas: HANA and business intelligence, S/4HANA, enterprise performance management, customer engagement, mobility UX and development, database and technology and project management. Each CoE has developed numerous proofs of concepts and solution accelerators to elevate user experience and streamline migrations and upgrades.


Value of the Partnership: Since 2004 Magnet 360 LLC, a Mindtree Company, has collaborated closely with Salesforce, serving international clients across every industry. Magnet 360 LLC holds multiple Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner Full force certifications, attesting to its reputation as a strategic innovator within the Salesforce partner ecosystem. Salesforce relies on Magnet 360 LLC for multi-cloud expertise and marketing automation knowledge, as well as an agile approach in implementing awardwinning solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Value created for customers/client: As a Platinum partner, we specialize in Salesforce implementation strategies to drive digital growth through client engagement. Our core Salesforce expertise and our skill in implementing and integrating Salesforce’s marketing automation solutions in conjunction with Salesforce Community Cloud helps us rise above competitors. We also have Salesforce-related expertise in:

  • Web and mobile application development, maintenance and support
  • AppExchange product development
  • On-premises to cloud web and mobile application migration
  • Heroku platform application development
  • Cloud-based social listening solutions

Our new Munich CoE spans the full range of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud. The centre provides European-based clients with end-toend Salesforce consulting, development, delivery and support.


Value of the Partnership: This year, Mindtree announced its advancement to Business Partner within the Adobe Solution Partner Program. Our partnership with Adobe brings together a full suite of customer experience transformation services and Adobe Experience Cloud solutions to accelerate digital transformation journey. Our growing relationship with Adobe provides a wide-open lane for our digital experts to unleash the power of Adobe Experience Cloud for our clients.

Value created for customers/client: Mindtree is a recognized industry leader by Forrester for digital customer experience, digital operational excellence and application management. This recognition is a testimony to our expertise in helping global brands such as Avis Budget and Kellogg’s elevate customer experience (CX) with:

  • Comprehensive & integrated capabilities for Plan, Design, Build and Manage Adobe Experience Cloud solutions
  • Digital studios to re-imagine the customer journey
  • Agile factory model execution and automation best practices to operationalize CX at speed and scale
  • Expertise in managing multi-partner ecosystem collaboratively
  • Pre-built cloud-first data science and content accelerators

Together, we help our clients drive faster conversions and increase customer lifetime value.


Value of the Partnership: Mindtree has been an Informatica partner since 2014. Mindtree has developed reusable business intelligence (BI) components that accelerate Informatica’s BI and data warehousing implementations. This consists of a data integration layer that consolidates data from multiple transaction systems, an intelligence layer that contains spend-related business metrics and a presentation layer with intuitive, user-friendly dashboards for information delivery.

Value created for customers/client: Mindtree and Informatica connect the world’s cloud data and turn it into actionable insights. Together, we drive data personalization for enterprises by providing a comprehensive view of their customers and the real-world use of their products and services. As businesses continue to expand beyond onpremises solutions, they need partners who have the proven experience in connecting the world’s cloud. Our industry-recognized expertise in Saleforce and SAP, combined with Informatica Cloud provides the confidence clients want to ensure high-performance integration at scale, real-time intelligent business processes and a secure, customer 360-view value for clients. Together, we help our clients strengthen data compliance, reduce risk, lower costs and grow their business.


Value of the Partnership: Mindtree is a Gold level partner of Sitecore. The partnership between Mindtree and Sitecore has designed best-in-class digital presence solutions. Mindtree’s approach, methodology and deep experience in Customer Experience (CX) combines with Sitecore Experience Cloud to drive personalization. Mindtree’s experience in web, mobile and social marketing and agency collaboration leverages Sitecore’s strengths in web content management and commerce. Mindtree has executed some of the largest Sitecore implementation and rollouts leveraging the expertise and leadership status in Digital. Clients such as P&G recognize us as the digital anchor partner for transforming their multi-channel digital presence platform on Sitecore.

Value created for customers/client: The Sitecore Experience Platform includes web content engagement, customer intelligence, crosschannel delivery and commerce tool components. Mindtree helps customize, implement and support all of these applications.

  • Managing Sitecore ecosystems: Mindtree manages production for all web, mobile and social development, including localization and maintenance across multiple channels for dozens of Sitecore customers. We simplify and integrate environments that deploy diverse technologies such as .NET, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Java and PHP. We also implement web analytics, content management and search engine optimization (SEO) systems, which can result in cost savings of 40% and speed time to market by 50%.
  • Site development: Because of our extensive omni-channel omni-brand client experience and Sitecore competencies, we are frequently selected to build and maintain Sitecore sites. In some cases, the platform is already defined. In others, we perform an evaluation resulting in a Sitecore recommendation.
  • The Digital Factory: We have worked extensively with Sitecore to create the ultimate omni-brand, omni-channel, omni-agency digital factory blueprint that incorporates a standardized migration model, adaptive templates and automated processes to rapidly modernize client-facing websites for large, multi-brand conglomerates. The web modernization model helps global organizations save money, reduce time to market and aggregate capabilities across brands.

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