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Employee Engagement and Retention

Mindtree attracts talented professionals and is known to retain the talent over the years. The number of Mindtree Minds who have been with the company since inception are 11. Number of Mindtree Minds who have been in Mindtree on their first job and have spent more than 5 years is 961.

Awards and Recognition

The Chairman’s Award, which represents the highest recognition of excellence at the Company, identifies and celebrates individual achievements that have had a large impact on Mindtree and society. Focus on well-being of Mindtree Minds and the range of initiatives that comes with it further boost the engagement levels. Any Mindtree Mind is eligible to apply or be nominated for the Chairman’s Award and Pillars Award annually.

SpotOn Is Mindtree’ s innovative Rewards and Recognition platform which has been specifically built to strengthen the ways in which Mindtree Minds can recognize each other.

Mindtree won the Gold label award under Arogya World Healthy Workplace award in collaboration with Public Health Foundation. Digital initiative on healthcare, powered by zoojoo.be saw involvement of 11,429 active users taking up 11,701 challenges during the year.

Learning Culture

Yorbit is Mindtree's proprietary cloud-based, online learning platform for life-long learners in the digital age. It is a home-grown cloud-based virtual learning platform that makes continuous learning accessible to Mindtree Minds across the organization at all Levels, Skills and Geographies at their own pace, space and time. Over 100,000 courses have been taken up on Yorbit till date.

Diversity in the Company

There are currently two women on the Board. The first and second management levels below the Executive Board comprises 18 Lady Mindtree Minds. The overall percentage of Lady Mindtree Minds is 30%. In support of diversity, our talent acquisition initiative has been pursuing women recruitment target and achieving 49% campus hires as women for the last two years. It goes without saying that ability is still the primary selection criterion for any position at Mindtree.

Brief overview of Mindtree Recognitions and Awards

Manger Bunker box

  • Hat’s off
  • Unstoppable
  • Master Mind
  • Eureka
  • A-Team

Peer Bunker box

  • Partnership
  • Trust & Respect
  • Accountability
  • Perseverance
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Influencing

Aspirational Awards

  • Annual Team Award
  • Chairman’s Award
  • Outstanding Performer’s Award
  • Pillar’s Award

Personal Awards

  • Celebrating milestones (3, 6, 10, 15 Years)

Measures we use to manage our Non-Financial Performance

We used the following key measures to manage our non-financial performance in the areas of employee engagement, customer loyalty and leadership trust.

Employees and Social Investments

Supporting Customers by Nurturing Our Mindtree Minds: Our Mindtree Minds play a pivotal role in helping our customers succeed in the new digital economy. We believe that by providing an environment where our people can engage, develop their skills and draw on the support they need to create and innovate, Mindtree can help to make the world better digitally equipped. For this reason, we are fully committed to nurturing our people at every stage of their career at Mindtree.

Our Talent Management strategy helps us transform the way we hire new talent with the help of infused automation in the form of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and to transform the way we develop and retain our employees through our elaborate skill development tools available to all. At the same time, it allows us to create a culture at Mindtree that is able to deal with the complexity, speed and scope of a digital workplace. This culture inspires innovation, leads change and ultimately creates employee satisfaction.

Engagement with Educational Institutions

Our engagement with educational institutions is key to recruiting early and diversified talent. Mindtree works closely with over 40 colleges to hone and harness the best available pool of talent.

Leadership Talent Review Plan in place

Mindtree believes its Leadership and Governance in place acts as a key Strategic enabler resulting in smooth and efficient operations throughout the organization.

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