A tree always gives back


When it comes to giving back, we do not need to look far for inspiration. Providing shade and comfort to all without discrimination, being a home for birds and more, giving out life-sustaining oxygen – there is a lot we can learn from the humble tree. Giving back is one of them, and something that we, at Mindtree, strive to do.

At Mindtree, we expand the potential of technology to benefit not just businesses, but societies as well. Our philosophy is rooted in ‘giving back’ to the society by leveraging “technology expertise”, our strategic asset

We have taken a pledge to help the underprivileged of the society. Through the Mindtree Foundation, we address the challenges of educating deprived children, providing basic needs to the poor, offering disaster relief during calamities, and delivering medical assistance to the needy. We also partner with several non-profit organizations to tackle social issues and help the underprivileged.

At the same time, our primary effort, via Mindtree.org, is to address diverse social challenges of the large, informal sector in India through our digital platform. Through the platform, we offer a host of products, solutions and services that directly impact the informal economy and create greater value for all stakeholders.

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