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Farming — one of the oldest professions of mankind — is a significant contributor to a nation’s economy. Farmers are independent entrepreneurs who take on nature’s calamities, wild animals, poisonous creatures, and harsh conditions to produce life’s basic necessity — food. In India, over 58 percent of rural households depend on agriculture.

Yet, most of our farmers lack a substantial livelihood due to scarcity of resources and rising costs of fertilizers and seeds. Poor financial assistance, lack of expertise, low crop prices, and scarcity of natural resources are pushing farmers to take extreme steps! In a nutshell, farmers lack the expertise to transform their occupation into a sustainable business.

Helping farmers with cultivation, distribution, and sales.

At Mindtree, we believe that technology can address most of India’s marginal farmer woes. We have developed a digital platform that enhances the entire agriculture value chain for a farmer — from crop selection to distribution and sales. To drive tangible impact, we have partnered with Vrutti — a non-profit organization that works to create sustainable livelihoods — to enhance efficiencies of the farming community via farmer producer organizations.

How 25,000 farmers are reaping the benefits of technology

The partnership provides farmers a digital platform that is accessed via an application on mobile phones. Through the platform, farmers can get access to working capital, processing facilities, training, and more. The following diagram provides more details:

Measuring our impact so far…

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