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Waste-pickers take huge risks every day to ensure that at least 15 percent of trash reaches recycling centres and do not rot at landfills! However, their lives are not easy or even ordinary, being continuously exposed to chemical poisoning and biological infections. Deprived of a dignified place in society, their jobs are one of the most unglamorous and unrewarding professions in the world.

This is where, we at Mindtree, are providing a helping hand. Our ‘I Got Garbage (IGG)’ initiative has been helping waste-pickers reform their lives and gain respectability in the society.

Offering waste-pickers a better livelihood and greater dignity

It all started in 2013 – when a passionate team on engineers from our organization joined hands with HasiruDala and other social partners to better engage with waste-pickers. In a year’s time, IGG initiative was formally launched.

Today, it continues to take waste-pickers away from the hazards of landfills and provide them a dignified livelihood. Today, IGG is growing strong – with a presence across five Indian cities and successful recycling of over 10 million kilograms of waste.

Integrating stakeholders for effective waste management

Waste management involves a lot more than transporting garbage from homes to landfills. It involves managing multiple stakeholders and complex processes. I Got Garbage navigates these challenges through technology and a smart approach. By connecting the following four stakeholders, IGG offers the entire gamut of waste management solutions by making the waste-picker the primary driving force.

Using technology to bridge the divide

I Got Garbage offers a single platform that houses the entire gamut of solutions with the waste-picker at its crux. From payment and waste collection to analytics and dashboards, we provide the technology to drive effective solid waste management. This fosters scalability and strong partnerships among stakeholders. Our technology platform encompasses three critical components:

Accurate tracking of every micro-activity

Our application suite helps break the entire waste flow into micro-activities. These are captured and tracked through lightweight, mobile and tablet-based applications.

Active engagement with stakeholders

We engage with citizens, businesses, and volunteer groups to sensitize and spread awareness about waste-pickers; thereby, collectively bringing about sustainable, scalable, and social change.

Continuous monitoring of performance

We provide governance solutions that offer visibility into operations to analyse the effectiveness of waste management supply chain.

Our success so far…

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