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Education is a child’s best gift. And across the world, the ecosystem of education is driven primarily by schools. Within schools, multiple stakeholders - management boards, principals, and dedicated teachers – strive to inculcate the right knowledge and values to young minds. The significance of schooling cannot be better described than Victor Hugo’s quote - “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” In India, the government has invested significantly to reduce school drop-outs and nourish children with meals. However, it remains unsuccessful in enhancing the quality of teaching in government education institutions.

As a result, there is a growing sense of cynicism about the Indian public schooling system. Lack of qualified teachers, unregulated operations, haphazard classes, and poor infrastructure are driving children and their parents away from public education institutions and towards private schools. This has to change, as the hallmarks of a developed nation are good quality and affordable public education.

On a mission to enrich the education ecosystem

Over the last few years, we at Mindtree, have partnered with non-profit organizations such as Kaivalya Education Foundation, i-Saksham, and Isha Vidyalaya to drive the ‘I Got Knowledge’ initiative. Our aim is to enhance the education ecosystem across five parameters.

Our forte is to provide technology solutions that solve the gaps in the rural schooling system. Through multiple apps, we have been able to help volunteers gauge the state of infrastructure at schools, connect primary stakeholders - principal, parents, and management committee – better, and drive performance.

An application to guide volunteers the right way

While our NGO partners hire/enrol multiple volunteers to enhance student learning outcomes, many of these volunteers deviate from their objectives when the challenges of the schooling system hit them. Consequently, we have developed an application that provides these volunteers with a digital journey to help them focus and analyse gaps, monitor performance, and share best practices. And we are happy to say that our efforts are reaping results.

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