Breaking shackles of poverty and inefficiency

India’s informal sector is driven by millions of independent entrepreneurs - farmers, waste-pickers, vegetable vendors, and more. National Sample Survey Organization has estimated that 84.7% of jobs in the Indian economy are in the informal or unorganized sector. This makes the informal sector the largest pool of workers in the country and means that 84.7% workers in India lack good education, professional skills, social security perks, or insurance.

Mindtree.org — an integral part of our CSR initiative — works with various independent entrepreneurs of the informal sector to enhance skills and livelihoods. Through a host of domain solutions, we address challenges arising due to a shortage of best practices, skills and education. We redress low wages, middlemen interference and silos. And our goal is to provide a digital platform that ‘gives back’ through social inclusion, structured operations and livelihood enhancements.

We provide a host of technology products and solutions that are aimed at enhancing the livelihoods of independent entrepreneurs in the informal sector. Our ready-to-use solutions are currently impacting different players of the informal economy including agriculturalists, teachers and principals of rural schools, artists and small traders and entrepreneurs.

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