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In rural India, a majority of our bright, young, kids lack access to quality education and guidance. There is a pressing need to enhance education standards in the institutions and expose children to best practices. At Mindtree Foundation, we continuously strive to transform the education infrastructure and broaden the perspective of children. Here are some of our efforts in 2017:

Guiding bright minds towards the right career
Guiding children from low-income families by equipping them with skills needed to earn a good livelihood and providing them a good understanding of career opportunities is always our top priority. Last year, we conducted a career fair by bringing together various senior executives from the armed forces, police, Narayana Health, and vocational training organizations to share views and tips on building self-sustaining careers in Kanakapura district. The fair was attended by over 1,000 schoolchildren, who were provided a career chart to help them make the right occupational choices. We thank Jain University for allowing us to conduct the fair within their premises.

Encouraging entire communities to achieve greater good
We believe that to drive tangible social reforms, it is necessary to impact not just individuals, but entire communities. We have partnered with a non-government organization (NGO) Sikshana Foundation and the Karnataka State Education Department to drive ‘Samruddhi Abhiyan’ program. This initiative aims to catalyse holistic development of children, schools, villages, and the entire rural community. As a part of this initiative, we conducted a competition amongst 161 schools to measure their capabilities across education, environment, teaching, and more. As schools from the entire Kanakapura taluk participated eagerly, we got an opportunity to gain insights into their capabilities and performance.

Inspiring bright sparks in young minds
We collaborated with Agastya International Foundation to setup a National Science Day competition for school students at our Pune campus. More than 400 students participated in this event, which required children to exhibit their science projects and talents. The top three projects were awarded grand prizes

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