University of Commons


University of Commons is an initiative by Mindtree. org that brings together young minds to develop ecosystems that address pressing social issues within communities. We work to ensure that the building blocks of communities - people relationships, nature, civic spaces, culture, and more – are preserved, enhanced, and passed down to new generations. By conducting several events, programs, and volunteering initiatives; we help individuals lead the change.

Encouraging commoners to engage with the community

We are constantly bringing together people from all walks of life to help them realize their extraordinary capabilities and nurture a purposeful community. Through four models, we help individuals realize entrepreneurial dreams and build trusted relationships with like-minded people


We have developed several programs that equip people with leadership skills and introduce them to best practices in the society. Our Creative Leadership program teaches individuals leadership and communication skills while encouraging them to act and realize their dreams and aspirations. We provide opportunities to travelers with a flair for writing through our traveler-ship program. Aspiring travelers get to tour the country and experience local culture while capturing stories through words and photos which we share within communities. At the same time, we also provide tools and techniques through our Roots Unconference program, which facilitates better engagement and collaboration among like-minded individuals.


We draw a wide and diverse audience at our events, which helps us in effective discussion of problems within the community. Our Communities of the Future (COTF) Summit is an annual, global forum that brings together change makers, volunteers, and entrepreneurs to deliberate on better and inclusive societies. We conduct an open house to bring together people who are keen on transforming the community and discuss pertinent social issues. At the same time, we leverage the creative skills of people to communicate core philosophies and evangelize change through a monthly competition called ‘The Creative Commoner Hunt.’ The competition includes poster creation, poetry writing, painting, filming, and more.


We continuously encourage volunteers to help us in strengthening the livelihoods of budding entrepreneurs in the informal sector, by doubling incomes and building an inclusive community. In addition to driving socio-economic inclusion, we have taken primary interest in connecting artisans and farmers directly with customers.

Social innovation hub

In a short span of time, we have developed 100 Social Innovation Labs across 10 cities in India. These labs support over 15,000 members by providing an innovation approach, resources, and opportunities. Through these labs, we aim to find answers to seemingly impossible problems.

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