Voluntary engagement


We have over 17,000 Mindtree Minds in our organization as of today. Many of them are Samaritans who are committed to giving back to the society and supporting important social issues. Through our voluntary engagement programs, we provide avenues for such charitable individuals to do good to the society. And these initiatives go beyond donation drives of old clothes, books, and toys.

Saving lives with blood donation drives
We are proud to state that Mindtree Minds have participated eagerly in our blood donation drives, which have impacted over 35,000 lives since 2010.

Restoring nature’s harmony by planting trees
We organize tree-planting initiatives at regular intervals in order to counter the harmful effects of pollution. So far, about 200 Mindtree Minds have planted 5000 saplings, which are now growing healthily.

Helping people with life- threatening diseases
Human stem cells are vital and have the potential to repair severe tissue damages or anomalies in people with life-threatening diseases. In partnership with Narayana Health and TTK, we have set up a stem cells registry that allow Mindtree Minds to donate stem cells to the needy. Over 2,597 Mindtree Minds have signed up for the stem cell registry.

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