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90% saving in manual effort through automated eyeball/peak hour system load monitoring for a leading CPG firm



A leading CPG firm


Every day, dedicated teams monitored system availability and performance to ensure zero business loss across three shifts consuming 225 hrs/month of manual effort.

Monitoring included :

  • Monitoring of up to 15 sessions concurrently
  • Tracking of KPIs including CPU utilization, HTTPS response time, queue performance ,ABAP exceptions, system load and anomalies.
  • Raising alerts for critical events and threshold breeches

Mindtree solution:

Mindtree used its RAPID methodology to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Using standard operating procedure and Automation Anywhere tool, the complete monitoring process was automated

BOTs were scheduled as per the requirement.

Business benefits delivered:

  • 90% saving in manual effort
  • 24/7 monitoring and tracking
  • 100% data accuracy with 0% human error, ensuring great quality
  • Timely publishing and notification of system reports with the KPI data
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