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COVID-19 Lessons for Airlines: Customer led IT Transformation


COVID-19 has struck the world off guard, especially the air transportation sector. While airlines try to recover from the pandemic, their leadership is asking tough questions like “How do we make a more resilient airline for the future?” They are also exploring ways for redefining the customer and employee experience in the new normal. In all this introspection, what are the lessons learnt from this unprecedented global pandemic?

Listen to this fireside chat with ISG and Mindtree, where we dissect 'customer led IT transformation' for airlines. This discussion covers redefining Digital/AI customer experience strategy and moving to Product IT models based on business priorities across following focus areas:

A redefined customer experience:

  • Power of AI/ML to predict demand
  • Surveillance to run a safe airline
  • Contact tracing & contactless travel

Product IT Model driving automated self-service:

  • Value based delivery aligned to products
  • Integrated services & DevOps across towers
  • Multi-disciplinary team for Dev, Maintenance, Ops, Infra
  • Agile delivery models with fail fast approaches
Post covid airline industry transformation

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