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Accelerate to Mule 4: Considerations for Migration while upgrading from MuleSoft 3


MuleSoft provides a powerful technology platform that provides enterprises with robust API implementation solutions and strategies. Between its last major release in 2010 and its current state, Mulesoft has evolved a lot, from being just an Integration/ API platform to something which can aid in assisting legacy modernization, implementing secure SaaS integrations, and providing full API lifecycle management. MuleSoft now allows organizations to implement and allow their IT Departments to integrate, connect and build enterprise solutions in innovative new ways.

The next-gen Mule 4 platform offers a broad range of new and improved features intended to enhance the capabilities of the platform along with developer experience. At a time when the migration from MuleSoft 3 to 4 is imminent, you only have two options. Based on these options, we have created a model that can provide organizations the means to take an optimized and the safest path towards the latest MuleSoft 4 platform.

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Accelerate to Mule 4

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