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Analysis: How successful is your test automation strategy?


Test automation is always viewed as the most desired approach for testing due to the benefits it offers - costsaving, time saving, and reliability. With product life cycles getting squeezed, and IT budgets crashing throughthe roofs, test automation has become a critical goal for technology organisations, and one that must be plannedcarefully, writes Ramanath Shanbhag, of MindTree Ltd.

With increasing budget pressures and expectations to deliver more in the same engineering time, today'smanagers are faced with situations where they have to make the right decisions quickly. However, most oftenthan not, they are unsure of whether the decisions they have taken are correct, and will produce the desirableresults until they are half way through the project. With project releases shrinking, it only adds to the effect.

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Analysis: How successful is your test automation strategy?

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