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Assured quality and efficiency for critical applications of a Fortune 500 insurer


In today's business environment, the quality of an organization's applications can have a direct impact on the quality of its financial results. Across industries, enterprises are engaged in developing ever-better applications and challenging their IT functions to deliver more effective and efficient application maintenance.

Here is how Mindtree helped a Fortune 500 insurer improve the quality of its applications, without compromising on efficiency and testing standards.

The challenge

The customer had multiple vendors delivering development, maintenance and testing services for 60+ applications across its business. It faced challenges in managing its vendors and ensuring consistent quality, timely delivery and cost effectiveness. For instance:

  • Dealing with multiple vendors with various dependencies (such as those related to timings, communication and team structures) resulted in high costs with poor quality and project delays.
  • Quality issues and testing standard slippages were leading to issues in internal business operations.
  • Existing test cases from past vendors were not reusable

The customer engaged Mindtree to improve application quality, without compromising on delivery and testing standards of some of its most important applications. The customer wanted:

  • To complete application knowledge transition in short intervals from multiple vendors
  • 100% quality assurance in major internal applications
  • To rewrite existing test cases as reusable business components
  • To implement HP Quality Center standards

Our solution

Mindtree collaborated with the customer to devise a solution that meet its needs while adopting lean practices that aligned each resource to multiple tracks. We created a testing team divided into two groups―test design and test execution; and set a team of 12 people to work on more than 22 applications.

We ensured that all test cases were reusable; and took up a variety of testing requests including environment readiness testing, patches testing and security applications testing. We also adapted to multiple software models as we worked, as some applications were built on an agile model while others were on a waterfall model.

The team also put in place measures to ensure customer support during business hours in North America; and provided support during user acceptance testing.

Business impact

  • Ensured high quality and timely delivery
  • Provided on-time delivery of all ad-hoc requests
  • Delivered 25+ releases in one year, on schedule
  • Delivered DRE of 100% for all releases to date
Assured quality and efficiency for critical applications of a Fortune 500 insurer

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