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Award Winning Personalized e-Commerce for a Major Vehicle Rental Company


Mindtree partnered with a major vehicle rental company to completely re-platform their multi- brand e-Commerce channels to deliver a personalized experience.

Client Background:

The client is a leading multi-brand, global vehicle rental company with operations in over 180 countries.

The Opportunity

The client was plagued with disparate and inflexible digital platforms from various acquisitions. All these platforms were complex to maintain, had a high cost of ownership, and were characterized by lack of speed and agility. Moreover, these platforms weren’t business-friendly to make dynamic changes or publish new campaigns/ content quickly. They had very poor capabilities to provide personalization, advanced segmentation and targeting. This was impacting consistency in the brand experience, limiting segmentation and personalization of offers and delaying accelerated content deployment.

Our client wanted to empower their digital marketing teams with the capability to deliver consistent, faster, personalized, and more responsive user experiences to all consumers across all channels (desktop, mobile and tablet) and brands/ countries. To enable this vision, digital marketing required the right tools to deliver focused personalization and a targeting strategy. They also had to improve omni-channel features of their digital channels, thereby increasing customer engagement and site conversion.

Mindtree’s solution

Mindtree leveraged its extensive domain experience and multiple proprietary tools for this implementation. Our accelerators like Content Migration Framework, Web Content Management Jump Start Kit, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Component Library, AEM – Angular – Bootstrap Framework (HTML 5 and CSS), helped kick-start this re-platform exercise.

We partnered with the client on product evaluation to recommend AEM. We also identified the requirements to propose the underlying solution, architecture and design.

Our solution followed a multilayer architecture with 3 layers:

  • Content/experience
  • API (session management, data transformation, and service delegation)
  • Services (integration with mainframe and other systems)

Content/experience and API layers were conceptualized and built end-to-end. The existing services layer was enhanced according to the requirements of this re-platform exercise.

Considering reusability and standardization as the key, this new platform was built as a product to provide common features at a system level. All the brands were allowed to develop the brand layer by extending the platform capabilities.

This platform was designed with the capability of multi-site management for global brands and i18n requirements. Internationalization or i18n is the process of developing products in such a way that they can be localized for languages and cultures easily. This ensures the adoption of this digital platform across multiple countries where our client operates.

Highlights of the solution

  • Mindtree and the client were awarded the Adobe 2018 Business Experience Award for “Excellence in Omni-channel Experience Management”
  • AEM was recommended and used to build one common platform to support all the brands, languages and devices across geographies and channels (desktop, mobile and tablet).
  • Mindtree is arguably among the global pioneers to implement AEM Component level personalization using AngularJS partials and Marketing Campaign Management Module
  • A unique multi-tenancy, multi-geo and multilingual implementation on AEM involving responsive design markup using AngularJS & Bootstrap CSS optimized across 3 viewports (desktop, mobile and tablet ) and 5 breakpoints [desktop, mobile (portrait & landscape view) and tablet (portrait & landscape view)]
  • Application Maintenance services to support 4 brands and multiple geographies

Expected business impact:

  • Improved personalization across brands to deliver an estimated revenue in excess of $5M year-on-year
  • Omni-channel implementation led to significant lift in mobile conversion
  • Lower total cost of ownership and improved control for business teams
  • Effective reuse widgets and components across sites have enabled marketing to manage the content for new campaigns and promotions without IT intervention. IT is now focused on new development.
  • The platform-based approach has brought speed to market for new promotions and campaigns.
  • The consolidation of infrastructure across brands and geographies has reduced license and infrastructure costs.
  • One platform and code base has led to brand consistency across geographies and channels.

Technologies used

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • CSS3, Bootstrap, HTML5, Angular 1.x, JQUERY
  • Java/J2EE 1.8, Spring 4.x
  • Oracle Iplanet Web server 7.x, Oracle RDBMS 11G, Coherence cache, Weblogic (12.x)
  • Easy Rules (Rule Engine)
  • SVN, Jenkins
  • Smartbear
  • Optimost
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Bounce Exchange
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