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B2B Customer Success Solutions


Drawing on data and analytics to improve customer success

Customer success in B2B organizations, such as datacom, network equipment vendors or software defined networks, smart devices and ISVs - is a complex endeavor. Companies not only have to understand customer requirements but intelligently target content, customize offers and resolve issues. Given the complex processes, this is a challenging task. At Mindtree, we are committed to improving products and services to extend the customer life time value. We draw upon data, customer models and analytics to anticipate customer needs and demonstrate the value your brand promises them.

Benefits unlocked by Mindtree's B2B customer success solutions

  • Reduced customer churn by 15-20% and enabled cross-sell/ upsell increase by 60% for a leading ISV
  • Increased First Call Resolution rate by 25%, reduced issue resolution time by 25% and reduced queries requiring agent support by 25% for a leading gaming company

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