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Business process optimization with Pega7


Pega services at Mindtree

Mindtree has helped large enterprises achieve significant productivity improvements and growth by transforming their business processes with Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities and cutting edge Pega BPM technology. We have also helped our customers in predicting risks, assessing competition and understanding the trends to create new products and services and deliver a compelling proposition to their consumers. Mindtree’s BPM approach is pragmatic, with a focus on understanding client needs and creating solutions that addresses these needs.

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SMAC-enabled enterprises through Pega BPM

The cornerstone of Mindtree’s Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC)-enabled intelligent platform is the PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) SmartBPM engine responsible for process orchestrations. In the below architecture PRPC SmartBPM engine is plugged to social media channels to receive real time feedback from the customers. These feedbacks predicts and helps in adapting to the Next-Best-Action for a specific customer. Pega’s Next-Best-Action is a new approach to customer interactions such as risk mitigation, remedial actions for churn and fraud, service provisioning, data collection, arrears, surveys and so forth. The essence is in the sophistication of the interaction and the corresponding quality of the customer experience. With Next-Best-Action, it is now possible to build a mini business case to determine the best action to take. Once the action is taken and the customer’s response is recorded, the business case is immediately recalculated and the Next-Best-Action is recommended. The insight into customer interests is calculated through predicted models, determining the likelihood of interest in each of the propositions.

Next-Best-Action advises processes to adjust behavior according to customer behavior and improves the overall customer experience.

Pega technology makes the end-to-end business processes highly visible and in multiple form factors. Pega BPM's design-once, access-anywhere UI reduces the time and cost to deliver consistent, attractive and intuitive customer experience across all channels, including mobile and social. Mindtree's SMAC architecture integrates information across all channels and enables customers to transition from one channel to the other easily. For instance, a customer can initiate a support ticket via email and the resolution can be pushed as a notification to the customer’s hand-held device.

SMAC-enabled enterprise

Business Process Optimization with Pega7

Industry solutions in Pega

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Agile delivery framework

Our agile BPM delivery processes, templates and frameworks coupled with in-depth engineering capabilities enable our clients to realize benefits within 90 days. Our incremental value-driven approach de-risks challenges associated with BPM implementations and provides immediate benefits, while ensuring that long terms goals are met within stipulated budgets. The factors that help us deliver value:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and BPM products-specific estimation and requirements tools
  • Single team for all process, rules, analytics and integration needs
  • Minimum rework and reduced project overhead for maximum value
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Business Process Optimization with Pega7

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