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CAPE-enabled managed services delivery for US-based real estate and relocation services company


Real Estate and Relocation Services Company


The client is a leading provider of integrated residential real estate services in the US who own and franchise several real estate brands and brokerages. The client offers relocation, title, and settlement services. Operating across the globe, they have over 110,000 independent sales agents in 100+ countries and territories


The client was facing various issues due to the low maturity of DevOps as well as the lack of best practices adoption, leaving many gaps to be addressed. Moreover, there were also issues in the CI-CD pipeline automation, and manual code promotions were limiting the team’s agility which lead to code quality and software release quality concerns. Ultimately, this led to a higher cost of ownership as well


To begin the engagement, Mindtree conducted a DevOps maturity assessment and value stream mapping to identify improvement opportunities for automation across tools and processes. The next step was to execute CAPE enabled accelerated build and deployment, automated code promotion with approval workflow, shift left testing, and integrated test automation for BUILD scrum teams.

Utilizing the CAPE platform, the automation-first approach led delivery for applistructure teams by integrating ML-based Initializers with RPA BOT Automation. To conclude the scope of the engagement, Mindtree provided real-time visibility of unified metrics for BUILD and RUN and set-up metrics-driven governance for KPI/CPI/GPI measurable growth.


As a result of Mindtree’s CAPE offerings, the client saw the following benefits:

  • Delivered more user stories per sprint which increased throughput
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced defects which were driven by an increase in build frequency
  • Enabled early detection of vulnerabilities which improved the quality of software releases to production
Real Estate and Relocation Services

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