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CAPE - An Integrated Platform to Deliver Tomorrow’s Enterprise IT


Industry Context

VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) has become a defining characteristic of the times we live in today. This is driving organizations in all industry verticals to accelerate innovation and constantly re-think markets, business models, products and organizational processes. Technology has moved from being an enabler for Business to coming at the forefront and becoming Business. As an example - the CEO of one of the largest insurance compa nies wants the company to be “a technology company with a banking license”. The Global CIO of a large real estate organization is driving a shift to an “Uber-like technology platform company for brokers”.

Client Context

Whether an organization is looking at driving Digital initiatives or modernizing and optimizing traditional capabilities, there is now a broad alignment on prioritizing two key goals - driving faster time-to-market and delivering superior customer experience. Consequently, new approaches to structure, platforms, methods and automation have emerged over the last few years primarily inspired by start-ups and digital natives.

Mindtree CAPE integrates key components of the IT lifecycle in a composable fashion to enable an industry-leading automation framework for Enterprise IT. CAPE enables a Platform-led IT Delivery approach and augments Mindtree’s Integrated Services approach which delivers new operating model and ways of working


Mindtree CAPE is a meta-platform that enables the following key shifts for Enterprise IT:

# From To
1 Lack of visibility of the IT value stream Connecting, visualizing and measuring the value stream
2 Disparate pockets of automation Accelerating end-to-end IT lifecycle automation by joining the dots
3 Adhoc IT improvement initiatives Data-based decision making through integrated dashboards
4 Functional roles and soiled teams Integrated friction-free teams mapping to a Product IT Operating Model


Mindtree CAPE brings together the following key features:

  • Automated transition through Bots
  • Bring-your-own-Platform: Pre-built integrations with 100+ open source and commercial tools supporting the IT lifecycle of Ideate-Plan-Build-Test-Deploy-Run
  • Bring-your-own-Infrastructure: Automated provisioning of Infrastructure and Applications
  • Bring-your-own-Dashboards: Unified dashboard with correlated metrics from across the IT lifecycle
  • Automation-enabled governance for Agile / DevOps / Product IT teams
  • Out-of-the-box availability of Mindtree IP in Cloud, QA, AIOps, Automation, Monitoring and RPA Capability


With multiple implementations across different technology stacks, Mindtree CAPE has delivered significant value for our customers – Improved developer productivity by 40%, Accelerated time-to-market by 80%, Enabled business availability of 99.99%, Improved reliability of critical enterprise systems, Enabled stable and happy teams by reducing friction.

CAPE-abilities in Action

# Capability Description Key Use Cases
1 Visualize the end-to-end value stream of IT Engineering and Operations teams Visual management is one of the most powerful tools for dnving transformation. CAPE enables Lean thinking inspired visibility of how work flows for IT Engi- neering and Operations teams
  • Visualize applications, technologies tools and assets that enable businessVisualize how work flows for engineering teams (CAPE Compose
  • Visualize how work flows for engineering teams (CAPE Compose
  • Visualize how bots drive automation (CAPE Bot chain)
2 Accelerate the shift to a truly Digital organization CAPE powers full stack teams with innovative ways to drive agility and improved productivity.
  • Templatizafion of automation blueprints (CAPE Boilerplates)
  • ML adoption for a machine-first approach to support and operations (CAPE Intelyzers)
  • Pattern-as-code cloud templates (CAPE MVC)
  • Flow metncs for end-to-end value streams (CAPE Analytics)
3 Optimize the effort of teams in the Plan to Run IT lifecycle CAPE enables an automation-first approach by integrating with best-of-breed automation capabilities
  • Self-service Cloud, Infrastructure & environment provisioning (CAPE Provision)
  • Shift-left for key tasks in the lifecycle including testing, security, build, deployment management, etc. (CAPE Execute)
  • Lo-code tools integration across idea plan-build-test-deploy-monitor-operate (CAPE Compose)
  • automation framework (CAPE RAPID) e. Real-time feedback with alerts and notifications (CAPE Alerts)
4 Improve application quality, operational reliability and happiness of teams Enterprises have co-existence of legacy and modern technology stacks. CAPE enables a multi-pronged approach to drive holistic improvement.
  • Improve developer productivity with an integrated engineering workbench (CAPE Execute)
  • Portfolio rationalization framework (CAPE MapMyIT)
  • Application intelligence and reduction of technical debt
  • RPA automation framework (CAPE RAPID) e. Real-time feedback with alerts and notifications (CAPE Alerts)
5 Govern the management of portfolios, products, applications and infrastructure Product IT teams, agile teams and support teams make automation-enabled IT governance real with CAPE.
  • Data-first approach enabled by correlated metrics and analytics (CAPE Analyze)
  • Cloud governance including cost, compliance and security (CAPE GovernCloud)
  • Transition and onboarding (CAPE TransIT)
  • IT service dashboard (CAPE PULSE) e. Business dashboard (CAPE CxO Mindboard)
  • Business dashboard (CAPE CxO Mindboard)

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