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Chatbots – the perfect medium to accelerate API consumption


Application Programming Interface (API) is a buzz phrase used in the IT industry for a decade. Software developers are building and consuming APIs for several functionalities. Businesses are implementing APIs with the belief that APIs will help grow their business, forge new partnerships, and boost their revenues. However, just implementing APIs might not be sufficient for driving growth. The primary goal of an API is to get consumed by customers or developers. One has to find ways to increase the consumption of APIs so that the time, efforts, and investments in building and implementing them will bring returns that are worth beyond the investment made into APIs.
So, how do we increase the consumption of APIs? One way is to make APIs reusable and discoverable. They need to be scalable to serve and respond to all the requests they receive. To be scalable, we can clone and deploy APIs on multiple servers, these are some of the basic aspects to consider for ensuring consumption. However, after performing these actions and configurations to make API scalable, we still cannot guarantee the increase in consumption of APIs. One way to address this is by introducing new channels for the APIs to be consumed.

Let us explore how offering multiple channels to consumers for accessing APIs can be useful for a business.

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How Chatbots Powered by APIs can Benefit Hospitality and Banking Industry

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