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Cloud based analytics framework for the world's largest B2B e-commerce service provider


To remain agile and flexible in changing business environments, enterprises need to consider Cloud technologies. Cloud offers the desired scalability and operational agility for e-commerce platform providers to drive customer loyalty and increase transactions. However, business decisions are often impacted by multiple factors, such as costs, infrastructure, security, interoperability and compliance.

Mindtree engineered a Cloud based analytics framework for a leading provider of B2B e-commerce services globally. The customer works for 30,000+ businesses which includes 70% of Fortune 500 enterprises. They operate a highly reliable and secure global network services platform that makes it possible for these enterprises to conduct business together in real time.

Business challenge

The customer required:

  • A robust, secure and scalable solution to add quickly deployable and detailed on-demand analytics services to the existing B2B e-commerce platform
  • A cost-effective way for enhancing the historical reporting capabilities of their global messaging services

Our solution

  • Mindtree collaborated with the customer to develop a Cloud based analytics framework to derive intelligence from historical data.
  • A solution with a set of comprehensive dashboards was developed which could create, filter, redefine, export, drill down and compare reports for the customer. It was to analyze historical data and derive meaningful intelligence.
  • The solution was componentized into web role instances and web worker instances to take full advantage of Windows Azure’s architecture. It also facilitated secure web service communication between the new application and customers’ existing data centers for smooth information exchange.
  • Mindtree provided agility to the customer’s e-commerce platform by using on-demand computer and storage capabilities of the Cloud and creating a solution that was cost effective, scalable and quickly deployable.

Business impact

  • Lower go-to-market time
  • Reduced gap between demand and supply
  • Increased business value and improved market share due to the development of a cost effective, scalable analytics solution
Cloud based analytics framework for the world's largest B2B e-commerce service provider

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