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Complimenting customer service through chatbot and voicebot implementation to deliver superior customer experience


A US-based Fortune 500 company, offering a diverse range of financial services and solutions across life insurance, annuities, retirement plan services, group protection and employee benefits.

Let’s Chat Up Some Bots For A Solution

The client was keen to provide its customers with 24X7 support for queries related to insurance products and processes, basic enquiries on their policies, simple service requests and administrative support such as password reset and account unlock using its portal. The client’s goal was to deliver improvement in customer experience by offering consistent, scalable, anytime, anywhere support while also improving the efficiency of its customer service team. To do this, the client engaged Mindtree’s conversational solution experts.

After examining the problem, the Mindtree team created a complimentary solution for the customer service team by leveraging conversational technologies and Natural Language Processing. These bots:

  • Intelligently handle queries across different lines of business (Life, Annuity and Retirement)
  • Smartly transfer queries to customer service representatives based on topics and context that require human intervention
  • Integrate seamlessly with the existing IVR system for voice conversations thus avoiding the tedious nature of options-based IVR

Additionally, the team leveraged machine learning algorithms to improve the efficacy of bot conversations by identifying reasons for failed conversations and ways for improved predictions.

An additional layer of analytics has been deployed over the bots allowing the client to conveniently keep track of efficiency metrics.

Journey Of Continuous Learning And Improvement

The journey started with chatbots replacing simple queries on the brand website. This further matured into simple enquiries and service requests on policies. Right from the beginning, the process focused on transferring chats to human agents when the conversation went beyond the scope of the bots. Once confidence was achieved on chat process, the solution was replicated to voice conversations which added the additional complexity of voice to text translations. The overall journey was one of start small, add scope in increments, continuously learn through analytics and incorporate machine learning to enable supervised learning.

Bots Make Customers Happy And Employees Delighted

For the selected scope of use cases, Mindtree’s chatbots and voicebots are able to handle 90 percent of conversations independently, transferring less than 10 percent of interactions to customer service staff. This has resulted in the client being able to:

  • Offer customers with highly reliable and scalable 24X7 anytime, anywhere support
  • Save time for customers by avoiding tedious wait times at options-based IVR queue and getting them either an answer or assistance of human agents quickly
  • Provide self-service options that create truly exceptional customer experience
  • Compliment and add to productivity of customer service team by enabling them to get a filtered list of complex challenging queries, thus improving their productivity and feeling of empowerment



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